The Problem
Atipic hair studio was looking for a digital alternative to the out-dated pen-and-paper method of managing bookings.
The Solution
We designed and implemented an intuitive salon booking software. Knowing that Atipic has several studios in the city, we created the option of defining multiple users. This way, the employees can visualize and manage the bookings from all the locations; in addition, the manager has an overview on all the bookings in real time. 
Furthermore, we defined different types of users. Regular users can easily change the status of a booking from any device, mobile or desktop. In addition, super-admins can define the work schedule, in order to allow booking only during those intervals.
Automated Reporting System
Super-admins can also generate reports per employee or for specific periods of time. This way, optimizing the growth strategy is based on historical data. 
Besides being a hair studio, Atipic is also an academy for training future hair stylists. Therefore, we integrated a section dedicated to centralizing the courses. 
screens screens
Real-Time Inventory
Because Atipic has professional hair care products available for sale, we included in the system a product inventory that is updated in real-time. Moreover, we eased communication with customers by introducing a direct call option from the app. 
Our salon booking system has supported Atipic in improving their internal management processes by switching from the traditional pen-and-paper method to a digital one.
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