Dear PhD students,
We are happy to announce to you that Brandweb is involved in project OUTDOC, an online soft skills course for doctoral students that will be launched in October 2020. 
We want to invite you to this free 10-week course
that will include the following soft skills: self-motivation and initiative, work organization, responsibility, flexibility and adaptability, oral and written communication, creativity, teamwork, conflict resolution, and professional ethics.
This soft skills course is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their communication skills, improve their employability, and work more efficiently with customers and business partners.
Full details
To learn more about OUTDOC project, visit the website or social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram).
Full details about the enrolment session will be announced soon both on this page and on the official website
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About the project
The OUTDOC project was created as a result of the employability issues of young doctoral students when, at the same time, the labor market shows an increased demand for highly specialized staff. This is a consequence of technological developments that will be even faster in the coming years. For this reason, the European Union has decided to provide broader access to higher education. 
The common desire is to have citizens who are highly educated and mobile between member states. Higher education has an essential place in social development due to research work and innovation. The OUTDOC project was thus created as a shared vision for the improvement of European higher education institutions and the employment of doctoral students.
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