Alexandra Hutanu
#TeamBrandweb is transitioning to a new task management software – Jira

2020 brought great changes in our team at an operational level. We decided to switch to a new task management software, for taking our workflow and communication with customers to a next level . So we said bye-bye Asana and welcome Jira.

But… Why were we looking for a new task management software? 

We were already using a task management tool, but after working on it for three years we came to the conclusion that it did not satisfy our needs anymore as our company grew and changed significantly the type of projects we developed for clients. First of all, at an internal level, we wanted an integrated platform that could help us delegate tasks faster and customize our workflow. Second of all, we aimed to have a tool that could be easily accessed by clients as well, in order to minimize communication across many channels and to make reporting simple. 
We always valued transparency within our work. That's why we looked for a tool that could instantly let clients see the status for each task. 

Why Jira?

Jira is the number 1 software used by Agile teams that allows users to customize and create their own workflow. Jira helps in:
- planning - creating user stories, planning sprints, distributing tasks across the entire team
- tracking - prioritizing tasks and offering full visibility across them
- realising - shipping our work with confidence that the information is up-to-date
- reporting - offering real-time reports, easy to understand 
Also, Jira allows us to use Kanban, a management method which we currently use. With Kanban, team members can visualize the workflow in an instance and identify potential bottlenecks in the process. 

Integrating Jira with a time tracking system 

Because we’ve always monitored the time for every project, we wanted to integrate Jira with a time tracking system developed by us. This allows us to carefully plan our day and meet deadlines. Every team member can see the tasks needed to be solved at any time, as well as the time they spend on each specific task during the day. 
At the same time, tracking time allows us to give precise estimates for future projects.

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