Alexandra Huțanu
Moving into a new office – What an exciting ride!

2019, the year when we celebrated our #Sweet14 and set a new ambitious milestone – extending our workplace and moving into a new office with a unique design that could perfectly match our brand identity. What better way to achieve this than together with a team of young, enthusiastic architects?

Along the years, we successfully collaborated with academia and students, because we strongly believe in their determination, creativity and we just love their enthusiasm! This is why we launched a competition for students and young architects from the Faculty of Architecture in Iași. We challenged them to envision an original and comfortable space that we could call home, yet feel that we can be productive and creative. Of course, the new space had to encompass our core valuesfun and teamwork, values that we embraced from football. For us, football is so much more than a sport and we deeply integrated it in our organizational culture.

Together with four professors from the Faculty of Architecture of Iași, we decided on the main requirements for the project and we formed the jury. But being part of the jury is not as easy as it seems. Analyzing the proposals received from the seven teams was a very difficult task. All of them had a unique vision and creatively integrated our identity and comfort. After a long and throughout deliberation, we chose the first three teams:

1st Prize (Diana Schwab, Anca Spînu) – awarded by us with a trip to the Venice Art Biennale (accommodation, transport and access to the Biennale)
Second prize (Ștefania Borș, Livia Pleșca) and third prize (team MORA - Alexandru Mihalachi, Teodora Alexandra Moraru) – awarded by us with tickets to the Share Architects conference (accommodation, transport and access)

But there was one project that conquered our hearts – the one from team MORA, whose entire concept was built around a visual anchor - the circle from our logo. It was no surprise thus that we decided to work with them in designing the new workspace. We teamed up with reliable and dedicated providers and, in only two months, we succeeded to move at the third floor, in the new Brandweb office!

Looking back, it was a wonderful experience for us! Seeing all the participants so dedicated to creating the perfect workspace for us, seeing their enthusiasm in working for their first real client proved us one more time that working with young talent is definitely worth seeking. We are grateful for everyone’s involvement and we are so excited to be now in our new better-than-home office. It definitely exceeded our expectations.


Check out the pictures to see the amazing result!

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