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10 students or young coaches, passionate about football, can participate for free in the largest conference dedicated to the digitalization of football in Central and Eastern Europe

The Football Brain (TFB), the startup that wants to support football clubs and academies in the process of digitalization and intelligent use of statistical data, invites 10 students or coaches in academies, to receive free invitations to participate in The Future of Football Business Conference 2021, the largest football conference in Central and Eastern Europe.

The conference will take place on September 1-4, Graz, Austria, but will also have an online live broadcasting, as due to the pandemic the number of physical participants is limited to 150. The conference is organized by Football Business Inside, already at the 4th edition, and aims to be a meeting place for stakeholders in European football, bringing together clubs, associations, and football leagues to exchange know-how and facilitate networking and international relations.

The Football Brain is an official partner and part of our team will physically participate in Graz, where during the event there will be meetings with stakeholders from European football.

Here is what Armand Bertea, founder of TFB, says about participating in this event:

"We are very happy to be able to support the FOFBC 2021 conference as an official partner. Because it will be broadcasted online, we consider it an extraordinary opportunity to inform on the evolution of the football industry the football stakeholders in Romania. We believe a lot in the new generations and we know that they use and appreciate technology, which is why we thought of supporting the participation of 10 students or young coaches in academies. Those who are interested can contact me either on Facebook, LinkedIn, or email [email protected] and they will receive electronic invitations for the conference. They can also access this registration form ”.

More details about the conference program and tickets can be found at

We will come back with news about what The Future of Football Business Conference was like after September 12th!


The Football Brain (TFB) is a spin-out of Brandweb and was founded by Armand Bertea in 2020 in response to the need to digitalize football clubs, but also to respond to the current trend in which the use of data and artificial intelligence makes a difference in making both tactical and strategic decisions.

Designed to meet the complex needs of football clubs, TFB is created in a system of modules that either collect data or provide data through partners such as InStat. The modules cover departments such as financial, technical, sports, medical, fan engagement, or the one dedicated especially to academies.


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