The Problem  
Safe Wheels, a national wheels and rims distributor, wanted a B2B e-commerce platform dedicated to its partners.   
The Solution
Safe Wheels has a very large portfolio of rims and wheels perfect for any car. They are both sellers and distributors at a national level, and it's no wonder that they have many suppliers.   
We created a B2B e-commerce platform where Safe Wheels’ distributors can easily place online orders. Moreover, the product feeds from all the suppliers are integrated in the platform.  
The Platform’s Benefits
Safe Wheels’ distributors can create user accounts in the platform. After logging in, they can easily place orders and see their purchase history.
In addition, the distributors can change the margins directly from the platform, and prices are automatically updated in real time.  
screens screens
Real-Time Inventory
Because all the products are automatically retrieved from the suppliers’ feeds, the platform shows real-time inventory and prices. Taking into consideration the large number of products, this functionality is of utmost importance.  
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