The Problem 
Coriolan wanted to launch a new B2B custom ordering platform, dedicated to its partners.   
The Solution
Coriolan is a national jewelry manufacturer and seller, which specializes in wedding and engagement rings.   
The partners network is very large, and the previous platform was outdated and not able to manage a network as big as theirs. That is why we developed a new B2B custom ordering platform. 
The Platform’s Benefits
In the platform, Coriolan’s partners can create user accounts and sub-accounts for which they can choose different permissions. Moreover, the users needed to track the status of each order and payment in real time. Hence, we integrated the platform with the existing ERP system.  
The real-time inventory of raw materials can be seen in the platform. The products’ prices are dynamically calculated and they are customized according to the parameters chosen by users (width, font, number of stones, finishes, date of delivery etc.)  
screens screens
Fast Order Page
One of innovations brought in this project was the implementation of a fast order page. The partners can search for a specific product by introducing a code. The displayed results will directly contain the fields for placing an order. This way, users can quickly place an order without accessing the product page.     
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for our team of geeks, software development will always be the number one passion.
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