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Panoramic Restaurant

Located at the 13th floor in Unirea Hotel & SPA, Panoramic Restaurant gives a 360 panorama of Iași. We started to shape the online presence of this local brand in the summer of 2016, beginning with social media.


The challenge

Communication through Social Media is always a challenge. Reaching the right audience with the right message is the most important aim. The goal of social media in building a strong online presence is to inform or remind citizens about this spectacular location.

Facebook and Instagram

When talking about food, Facebook is without any doubt a very important channel of communication. However, Instagram seems to be more appropriate, especially for some types of audiences.

What is different

Taking into consideration Panoramic’s competitive advantage, we have strived to find a unique way of communicating it. And we have succeeded!

By day or by night, the view of Iași is unique. Only at Panoramic!

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