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Floare de Colț

Happy with our previous collaboration, Floare de Colţ contacted us again in 2016 for giving their website a refreshed look. In the last six years from our previous collaboration, the trends in design have substantially changed. If the website was considered in trend at that time, now it was out of fashion. Therefore, they wanted to launch a new visual identity for differentiating on the market.

The new website

The colors for the new website were those already chosen for the new visual identity, created by our graphic designer Ștefan. For making the customer to immerse in the universe of naturist products, big illustrative images were used.

The PrestaShop platform

For the e-commerce platform, PrestaShop was the best option. The next step is to integrate the accounting software in the website, for keeping track of inventories in real time.


For growing in the online environment, we designed SEO strategies and Google AdWords campaigns.

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