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CSM Politehnica Iași

In 2011, we were the most enthusiastic team about building up a website for the local football team. It wasn't just about the website, but also the whole communication strategy for a club that just entered the national championship. After more than five years, we're still excited about the next season and the next campaign.

Real supporters

It's obvious we're into football a great deal. If you're not convinced yet see the section About Us. 

It's not just any team, it's the local one, which by the way, it hasn't been always playing in the first league, it had its ups and downs, but we believed in it and also tried with great communication to gather and strengthen up the fan community.


Mobile apps & Facebook apps

We launched several projects starting with the website, the online shop and furtheron the IOS and Android apps. A great project was also The 11 - where fans could use the app the creat the team for the game and if they succeeded in guessing it they would win tickets for games.

The fan community

Using Social Media we managed to organically grow a base of fans. Through continuous interactions, fresh content, live footage, the Facebook community is a strong part of the overall communication strategy.

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