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Clinica de Siteuri

Clinica de siteuri (in English, Websites’ Clinic) is a tool especially created for companies that are present in the online environment. Whether the objective is to raise awareness or increase sales, all business must have well-designed and well-performing websites that complement their strategies.

The challenge

For creating the identity, the main factors that were analyzed were the target market and the domain of activity of the clinic. In the beginning of the project, we wanted to avoid any association with symbols from medicine. However, in the end, after testing different graphical elements, we went back to the beginning and decided to use a symbol that was very suggestive from the medical field.

The solution

The visual identity was built around the syringe and www symbols. We looked for a colors that could make the tool easily to recognize and that could differentiate it on the market. After deciding upon the graphic, the slogan can almost naturally: Injecting performance – that is illustrative for the Clinic’s activity.

The result

The product was launched in December 2015, during the first Festival of Technology from Iași.

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