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Brikston is a local company with a wide distribution channel in Romania and The Republic of Moldova. Activating in the building industry, Brikston has realized that online presence is a must in nowadays business environment. Therefore, in 2013, we started a partnership that lead to implementing a series of development and digital marketing projects.

The challenge

The perseverance of Brikston’s team to stay up to date with the last online trends was the trigger to a productive business relationship. We were challenged to always come up with new ideas and to find technical solutions for their implementation.

Remarkable projects

Besides Brikston website, where we contributed in terms of usability, and the online shop that we developed from scratch in PrestaShop, a remarkable project for Brikston was the House Configurator. The tool is useful for customers that want to get a preview of how their home will look like. They can choose whatever materials they want.

Here, the challenge was to optimize the images for increasing loading speed and also to make it responsive. Moreover, we developed a custom CMS that gives permission to the employees to add or remove products and images whenever they need to.

Marketing digital

With such big investments in web development projects, online advertising was a natural course. Brandweb was in charge of developing and implementing SEO strategies and Google AdWords campaigns in order to increase brand awareness and to generate leads.

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