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Art Georgies

Art is not only meant to be admired, but also discussed. This is the guiding idea for Art Georgies, which succeeded in beautifully combining an arts gallery with a meeting space where art connaiisseurs can share opinions while enjoying a good cup of coffee and music.


Brikston is a local company with a wide distribution channel in Romania and The Republic of Moldova. Activating in the building industry, Brikston has realized that online presence is a must in nowadays business environment. Therefore, in 2013, we started a partnership that lead to implementing a series of development and digital marketing projects.

CSM Politehnica Iași

In 2011, we were the most enthusiastic team about building up a website for the local football team. It wasn't just about the website, but also the whole communication strategy for a club that just entered the national championship. After more than five years, we're still excited about the next season and the next campaign.

Unirea Hotel & Spa

In 1969, in Iași’s city center, the hotel with the biggest accommodation capacity from Moldova region was inaugurated. Today, after more than 47 years, Unirea Hotel & SPA succeeds in adapting to the fast expansion pace in online environment of hotels markets.

Bellaria Hotel

More than half a century ago, Iași’s citizens used to spoil themselves with the exquisite foods prepared by a restaurant that everyone was talking about, especially due to its lilac garden. Today, Bellaria was built around this garden.

Panoramic Restaurant

Located at the 13th floor in Unirea Hotel & SPA, Panoramic Restaurant gives a 360 panorama of Iași. We started to shape the online presence of this local brand in the summer of 2016, beginning with social media.

DDI - Derom Dental International

In 2000, two dentists who wanted to offer complete products and services to other dentist clinics decided to work together under the brand Derom Dental International or, in short, DDI. We were excited to start our collaboration in 2007, when they contacted us for a website and an online store. In 2016, we launched a new online store, in trend with the new requirements of the market. 

Clinica de Siteuri

Clinica de siteuri (in English, Websites’ Clinic) is a tool especially created for companies that are present in the online environment. Whether the objective is to raise awareness or increase sales, all business must have well-designed and well-performing websites that complement their strategies.

Rosalia - Flower Shop

Rosalia Flower Shop slowly started in 2012 with an online store for flowers delivery. In the beginning, it was only a strong passion of a lady who believed in this type of business. Today, Rosalia is a sustainable business that registered a slow but steady growth.


Romania can’t be too proud of its infrastructure. And this is not only because its roads, but also because of the transportation companies. In an industry that is always to be blamed, the bus station Metropoli from Galaţi wants to change business practices and customers perceptions.

Floare de Colț

Happy with our previous collaboration, Floare de Colţ contacted us again in 2016 for giving their website a refreshed look. In the last six years from our previous collaboration, the trends in design have substantially changed. If the website was considered in trend at that time, now it was out of fashion. Therefore, they wanted to launch a new visual identity for differentiating on the market.

Goodie Call

Goodie Call identifies itself with a strong passion for sweets. Therefore, we truly enjoyed working for this sweet branding project.

Bunătăți Dichisite

A local brand newly launched that needed a visual identity as sweet as their products.

Rebranding Floare de Colț

Floare de Colţ started as a small store established Iași. Today, it is the biggest chain store from Romania that sells natural products, having more than 28 locations. The owners were aware of the fact that the key to building a strong brand is a unique identity and a well-established online presence.