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Is ad design a challenge? Examples from AdWords Display

Since 1994, banners have become an important traffic source. Whether they are static, dynamic or animated, they succeed in being efficient when, instead of annoying people, they make them perform a click.

When launching an ad campaign, three key elements should be taken into consideration:


1. Ads must be convincing

This implies two things: an ad must arise interest, therefore the fonts, colors and images used must be carefully chosen, and it must convince a user to click on it. Creativity is involved in both cases. Most of the times, the most convincing element of a banner is the copywriting part. Why? Because the headline is the one that convinces an audience.

Below, there are presented 2 examples:

2. Ads must be concise

We guess it is not even necessary to mention how less time we have to convince a user to click on an ad: less than 1 second. This is why the message transmitted must be easy to be remembered.

3. Ads must be explicit


Don’t try to communicate too many things through a banner. You won’t receive any clicks.

Allocate enough space for the headline and don’t forget to use a call-to-action that can convince a user to click.


Other questions you should consider before launching the campaign:

Which is the objective of the ad?

Do you want to increase awareness or sales? If the answer is awareness, then we recommend you to use 100% personalized banners that are aligned with the identity of the company in terms of colors and to transmit a good headline. If the answer is sales, then transmit to the public that the offer is limited.


Should the ads be animated?

You can choose static or animated banners. We recommend to use static banners when there is something simple and animated ones if the message is more complex and has different facets.


Where should the ads be places?

Obviously, everyone wants to place their banner at the top of the page and above the foldline. However, these may not be the best options in terms of costs. If you want to place a banner on a content website, then a good position is at the bottom of the page, especially if the articles are fragmented in different pages.


What suggestions do you have in mind regarding banners?


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