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How to influence users with design

Even though they may seem subtle, for an online marketing specialist, the changes in terms of design for’ are visible and justified.

Which are these changes?

We are referring to the review page, which was like this before:

And now it’s like this:


What is different?

Many elements were changed, most of them having an important role in user experience.

A first noticeable change is the possibility to find information and to correlate different categories of info without having to refresh the page or to navigate more (see the Photo button).

But even more important are the following two changes:

1. The renewed order of positive and negative reviews – before, the positive review was the first one to be displayed. 


The decision the change the order is supported even by scientific research that proves that the order in which the information is presented has a great influence on customers. If the negative review is the last one presented, this is the one that the users will remember; negative information always has a greater influence in the buying decision process and are usually the ones that people remember.

By changing the displaying order, strives to reduce the influence that bad reviews have on the buying decision process.


2. The new colors that signalize bad and good reviews – before, negative reviews were colored with red and good reviews with green.

Because red makes people pay more attention and also it induces the idea of something forbidden, negative reviews are now colored with light grey. There was no change in term of color for positive reviews. The colors were changed along with the design.

Generally speaking, big brands are reluctant when it comes to make major changes to the design or the layout, because users are already accustomed to navigate in a certain way. However, even slight changes of design can positively influence customers. 

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