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8 trends in web design – 2016, the year of full-screen video

When choosing a certain web design, you must keep in mind you customers’ and business’ needs.

Full-screen video

The newest trend in web design is replacing Flash animation – which is a dead technology, being also an alternative for other HTML5 animations.

A full-screen video engages a user more and it gives the label of qualitative website.

Along with world-wide increase of Internet speed, web designers have started to understand how to use this kind of videos on the background as a way of engaging the user and not distracting him.

The hamburger menu

The number of people using their mobile device or tablet to access website has significantly increased in the last years.

The hamburger menu, with its aim of simplifying the navigation and to gain some space, has started to be used not only for mobile websites, but also for desktop. This type of sidebar menu has become very popular and users started to be familiar with it.

However, it is not appropriate for any type of website. For example, in the case of an online shop, it is important to make the entire menu visible for the users so they can get familiar faster with the content of the website.


Parallax scrolling technique

This technique has started to become very popular, because both the background and move at different speeds, creating the illusion of depth when scrolling. However, Parallax was some weak points:

  • it is not recommended for SEO
  • it can reduce website performance, due to the amount of graphic elements and JavaScript


Flat Design

Flat design has started to be used some years ago and it is still in trend, manly due to the fact that the resolution of devices have significantly increased.

Flat design has become even more popular after Google introduces Material Design that can be considered a modern version of Flat Design.

Responsive design

Since people have started to use different devices for accessing the Internet, web designers needed to focus more on responsive design. Today, this is a must.

Minimalist style - back in the trends

Minimalist design goes hand in hand with responsive and flat design. Because the web is becoming more and more complex, the minimalist style is considered to be very appealing.

User experience is more important than ever, therefore, we expect that designers will be encouraged to return to the basics and use a very simple, intuitive design.



Following a minimalist design, story-telling engages a user and it makes them feel in a state of flow.

Content is king. Only the websites with the best content and design will resist in time. In 2016, story-telling, combined with well-designed graphic elements, bring real value in online.

Cards web design

Card design interface is a growing trend in web design.

It started from Pinterest and Microsoft and was rapidly adopted by many designers. The cards give the advantage of displaying more information and they are the best alternative for replacing the old sliders.

Image source: Pinterest



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