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Rosalia - Flower Shop

Rosalia Flower Shop slowly started in 2012 with an online store for flowers delivery. In the beginning, it was only a strong passion of a lady who believed in this type of business. Today, Rosalia is a sustainable business that registered a slow but steady growth.

An online flower store

When we first worked on Rosalia’s online store, in 2012, the market was growing. But today, this is a very competitive market. This is why in 2016, when working on the new online store, we decided to adopt a new design and functionalities.

An SEO success

Rosalia was a really SEO success in 2012, reaching the first position in Google’s searches in a short time. The strong organic positions are still valid today, when Google’s rules have changed so much. We must admit though that now the SEO efforts are more challenging and the competition stronger than ever.

Services that stand out

Rosalia was a success on IaČ™i’s market also due to its flexibility and care for the customers. Therefore, the flower shop doesn’t receive orders only from customers that are outside the country, but also from loyal customers.

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