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Rebranding Floare de Colț

Floare de Colţ started as a small store established Iași. Today, it is the biggest chain store from Romania that sells natural products, having more than 28 locations. The owners were aware of the fact that the key to building a strong brand is a unique identity and a well-established online presence.

Visual identity

Floare de Colţ haven’t designed its own logo since its opening. Therefore, in 2016 they contacted us, asking to help them in creating a new identity. Due to the fact that the name of the brand means edelweiss in Romanian, we considered it was a good idea to use this symbol, especially because the customers were already associating it with the flower.


We chose mellow colors to emphasize the edelweiss symbol designed by us. The entire logo was meant to transmit the unique personality of the brand.


A skilled designer knows that the right font can transmit the right message. This is why we chose a friendly font, with curved shapes, that can be easily associated with natural elements, being at the same time easy to be read.

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