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Romania can’t be too proud of its infrastructure. And this is not only because its roads, but also because of the transportation companies. In an industry that is always to be blamed, the bus station Metropoli from GalaĊ£i wants to change business practices and customers perceptions.

The challenge

Metropoli was in need of a new modern website, in line with its newly renovated headquarters. In comparison with its previous version, the new website had to include an online booking system with both frond and back-end platform.

Usability first

After the documentation, we designed the wireframes for creating the content and describing how the visiting flow is.

At the same time, we built on the back-end part for the online booking system, where not only customers can create user accounts, but also other transportation companies what work with Metropoli in order to keep track of the number of bookings.

The result

In a month, we succeeded in developing a responsive website with complex functionalities. Soon, an online payment system will be also integrated.

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