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Art Georgies

Art is not only meant to be admired, but also discussed. This is the guiding idea for Art Georgies, which succeeded in beautifully combining an arts gallery with a meeting space where art connaiisseurs can share opinions while enjoying a good cup of coffee and music.

The challenge

In 2015, Art Georgies wanted a website as sophisticated as its gallery. In six months, we have succeeded in developing together a modern yet sober design, which fits perfectly with the vision of the gallery. Having in mind the idea of sobriety and elegance, black was predominantly used. The focus is on the images, thing that comes naturally, taking into consideration the industry. Plenty of interactions between users and the website were used in order to make the user experience more intriguing.

Can one sell art in online?

This was the big question for us. We implemented, besides the website, an online shop with PrestaShop platform. The minimalist design was meant to emphasize the unique work of art of the gallery. In terms of usability, the online shop is responsive on mobile devices and has all the functionalities of a complex online shop: the possibility to place an order with products that are not in the inventory, invoicing, customer management, list of orders and marketing automation.

Digital marketing

The two projects were promoted online on Facebook and through PPC advertising in Google AdWords. The Display AdWords campaigns were designed to increase brand awareness and to lead customers to visit brick-and-mortar stores in Iași and Bucharest.

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