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New! Online stores in Shopify

Shopify encompasses all the services in a single e-commerce platform. The system is also known as Saas (software as a service), having the possibility to access its functionalities as services that are paid through a monthly subscription.


Steps when opening an online store in Shopify:

  • create an account on
  • choose a subscription at your liking (starting from $29/month)
  • decide on a template for the online store (more than 100 free options)
  • choose the products
  • start to sell (Shopify integrated more than 70 payment methods)

 In addition to the fast pace at which an online shop can be developed in Shopify, due to its templates, some technical details are very advantageous: the hosting is included and there is no limit for the number of products that can be added in the platform. This means that the loading speed is not dependent on the number of products. Also, Shopify guarantees a traffic of 100,000 visits per minute. It includes a Content Delivery Network that ensures high performance for page loading speed.

Let’s not forget about its integrated marketing tools that allow SEO, AdWords or MailChimp actions directly from the platform.

We are sure that you are wondering now: what is our contribution if the platform has so many integrated options?

Why would you need a web design agency?

Well, it is true that Shopify has more than 100 free templates. But what if you want a customized design? Or what if you like a template, but you need to customize it to sell clothes instead of flowers?

Then is when you might need our Liquid skills (Liquid is an open source project that uses Ruby programming language).

Without any doubt, one of Shopify’s strong points is the appealing design. Below you have some examples of such websites developed in Shopify:


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